ROMS Opens its 1st Robotic Convenience Store for Quick Commerce with KDDI

Tokyo, Japan – ROMS, Inc., (Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Maeno), a robotics and automation solution provider for retail stores and logistics centers, opened its first robotic convenience store (RCS) in a joint project with KDDI Corporation (Tokyo, President, Representative Director: Makoto Takahashi). The robotics convenience store “au Minutes Store Shibuya” is located inside KDDI’s “au Style SHIBUYA MODI” store in Tokyo, and can autonomously pick and pack orders for quick commerce.

au Minutes Store Shibuya

A Pioneering Project to Create the Next-Generation Shopping Experience

The RCS is a next-generation staff-less store. KDDI implemented the solution in order to provide a new digital shopping experience for customers increasingly used to ecommerce with improved logistics systems and changing lifestyles. The pioneering project aims to leverage automation technology for quick commerce, where demand has grown rapidly in recent years. ROMS supports clients to develop and operate next generation stores with its proprietary technology, helping retailers shape up to face future
challenges such as quick commerce, population decline (expected in the next 5 to 10 years), and rising labor costs.

About 1st RCS with KDDI

KDDI will install and operate ROMS’ RCS as a staff-less store as “au Minutes Store Shibuya”. Located within the “au Style SHIBUYA MODI” store, it is to be an urban fulfillment center for quick commerce, where customers or delivery staff can collect orders placed by mobile phones. All orders will be picked and packed autonomously by robot.
The RCS is a fully automated solution. By connecting to the order system, it can perform the entire process from order processing to pick-up without human intervention. The PoC was completed at “MOPU” Azumabashi, Tokyo in 2021.
At “au Minutes Store Shibuya”, customers can place orders on their mobile phones. Orders will then be picked robotically by the RCS. Customers can collect their purchase directly at the store using a touch panel, or opt to have it delivered to their doorstep by delivery staff. No staff are required except for the last mile delivery.

All orders will be picked and packed autonomously by robot.

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