Creating a new shopping experience


ROMS provides omnichannel consulting and project management during the strategy development stage, from defining the ideal user experience to planning and developing related services.
By implementing our proprietary applications and systems, you can reduce the lead time and accelerate your strategy.



  • e-commerce/ネットスーパー

    Ecommerce and online grocery

    Demand for online grocery shopping is growing, especially since the pandemic. We offer an easy ecommerce/online grocery experience that allows consumers to find and purchase what they want quickly from a wide variety of products.



    BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store) offers consumers a contactless option to make their purchases at home or on the go and pick up their order in the store.

  • クイックコマース

    Quick commerce

    We partner with various platformers to provide a quick commerce experience where consumers can have their orders delivered to their doorstep within 15-60 minutes of purchase.


Strategic Consulting, UI/UX Design


Our strategy consultants will help you plan an omnichannel strategy based on your current business and goals, and support you throughout the journey, from building out the system to implementation and deployment.

We also have UI/UX designers with extensive experience developing various BtoC web services who can help you build on your existing brand image and values to create a user-friendly digital channel.


Mobile and Digital Kiosk Applications


We design and develop mobile and in-store kiosk apps that make it easy for consumers to find and purchase what they are looking for. They can handle your entire product range by connecting to existing ecommerce systems.

We also offer a kiosk terminal where consumers can place orders or pick up BOPIS purchases. By installing it in a nano-fulfillment center, you have the opportunity to turn your NFC into an additional customer touchpoint.


Ecommerce Platform Aggregation System


We provide a system (gateway) that aggregates orders from your online grocery, quick commerce, and other ecommerce platforms. This eliminates the need to create a separate flow for each platform, ensuring your omnichannel strategy is launched without confusion. When the gateway is connected to our RCS/NFC, it can autonomously process orders received from multiple channels.




A major Japanese discount storeOmnichannel Retail Project


Strategy planning and service design

ROMS is providing comprehensive support to launch their ecommerce business and related apps as an omnichannel consultant. With our expertise in strategy, UI/UX, operations, logistics, automation, and retail DX, we are partnering closely with them to formulate core strategies, design new shopping experiences, manage projects for system planning and development, set KPIs, build out the operations team, and design the operational process.


Self-shopping StoreMOPU


A PoC to run a autonomous convenience store serving real customers with our mobile app and in-store kiosk in Tokyo

We designed, developed, and operated our autonomous convenience store “MOPU” in Azumabashi (Tokyo). The UI/UX was created by our designer who has extensive experience developing various BtoC web services with the goal of providing a friendly neighborhood shopping experience. We can offer real insights gained from this 1-year project to help you create the best shopping experience for your business.


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