Optimizing operations with data analytics, support tools and in-person consultations


ROMS provides data analytics systems and operations support tools to ensure ecommerce channels, online grocery and offline stores are managed effectively and efficiently. Each retailer and store is unique, so our consultants will work closely with you to find a process that works for you.



  • リテール業界への特化

    Specialized in retail

    As specialists in the retail vertical, we can bring industry-specific experience and insights to address your bottlenecks and streamline your operations.

  • データの利活用


    We can aggregate your order and operations data and analyze it with AI to find the best approach to solve your operational issues.

  • 次世代型オペレーションへの知見

    Insights on next-gen operations

    We have in-depth knowledge and a global understanding (including case studies) of the logistics and ecommerce industries which we can draw on to help you build the best operations for your store.


In-Store Picking System


A handheld device shows what needs to be picked and packed so employees can process orders efficiently.
Easy to maneuver in small spaces alongside real customers, the standard features are tailored for online grocery so they can be deployed immediately without the need for customization.
The system supports both multi-order picking (multiple orders are picked and packed simultaneously with a single card), and total order picking (all orders are picked together and assorted in the backyard). We can advise the best operation for you depending on the size of the store, flow, and number of staff.


Data-driven Recommendation System


Our data-driven recommendation system suggests operational improvement measures based on order information, inventory levels, fulfillment cycle time and other operations data.

The analytics provide key ecommerce and store management insights such as AI-generated demand forecasts, stock replenishment recommendations for inventory optimization, theoretical inventory predictions to avoid stockouts, and even suggests potential operational issues based on sales comparison across stores.


Operations Consulting


A team of strategy consultants, operations consultants, and data scientists will help you build a highly efficient operation.Drawing on their extensive knowledge of the latest retail and logistics case studies, the team will work closely with you to find the best operational structure for your store, flow, and omnichannel strategy goals, and provide the necessary support and improvement suggestions on how to get there.




A major Japanese discount storeOmnichannel Project


Operations building and picking system implementation

Having supported the preparation phase of their omnichannel strategy, ROMS also provided system implementation and consulting services to build an efficient operation.
We implemented a multi-order picking system with handheld devices to pick ecommerce orders in stores. This has been useful in improving the efficiency of their picking operations, even in stores with smaller floor space.


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