Automating store management with automation and robotic picking technology


ROMS provides nano-sized autonomous stores and automated warehouses small enough to be installed in existing stores. They can be used to process online grocery orders, as a delivery base for quick commerce, or as a staffless store serving consumers directly.



  • マスターレスのピースピッキング

    Masterless picking capability

    Our system can autonomously pick orders without having to register each item, eliminating the need to update the database with new/discontinued products or new packaging information.

  • 超小型の自動倉庫

    Nano-sized automated warehouse

    Our technology is ultra-compact, allowing small Japanese stores to maximize product storage and floorspace.

  • 一気通貫システム

    End-to-end System

    We have developed upstream warehouse management and transportation systems that complement our robotic picking system, offering our clients an integrated and reliable solution that covers the entire supply process.


Nano-sized Autonomous Store
Robotic Convenience Store (RCS)


The RCS is a fully automated, unstaffed store capable of performing all operations from customer order to pick-up without human intervention. It utilizes automated warehouse technology adapted to a convenience store-sized space.
In addition to the robotics solution, we have also developed a system (gateway) to connect to various ecommerce systems which we offer as a BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In Store) platform.
This allows you to provide an entirely new shopping experience, where consumers place orders on mobile apps or in-store kiosk terminals and receive the goods picked by robots.


Automated Fulfillment Centers and Nano-Fulfillment Centers (NFC) for Ecommerce and Online Grocery


The NFC is a small-scale fulfillment center with built-in picking technology that can provide 24/7 picking to process ecommerce and online grocery orders.
Smaller than the micro-fulfillment centers used by retailers in other countries, NFCs are designed to fit within the ceiling height and load capacity of Japanese retail stores, and can be installed into existing properties.When utilized as part of a retail store, NFCs can help merge the online and offline, providing an attractive omnichannel experience to your customers.


Dark Store
Hub and Spoke Model


The dark store is a larger version of the NFC, capable of processing higher flow and serving wider areas, suitable for use as a logistics center for online grocery.
Orders to nearby stores can be picked in batches in this hub and delivered through the spokes to realize same-day delivery to a wide area. We also offer this product on a rental/subscription basis in order to ease the initial cost.




Self-shopping StoreMOPU


A 24/7, completely staffless self-shopping store

MOPU is a self-shopping store in Azumabashi (Tokyo) that we operated for one year from Oct 2020. Customers could place orders via our mobile app or the in-store kiosk terminal. Orders were immediately picked by our robots and presented to customers. We were able to run the store 24/7 without any staff. MOPU offered a wide range of products from bento boxes and ready-to-eat foods, drinks, snacks, alcoholic beverages to other consumer goods, winning its place in the local community as a new way of shopping.


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